Invictus Games Sydney 2018 - Day 7

Founding partners

We want the Invictus Games to be self-supporting. By making extensive use of founders and private funding, we want to organise Games that avoid the extensive use of governmental financial support. The government is supporting the Games with an underwrite but we feel the obligation to minimize the use of public funds.

The Invictus Games 2020 will serve our purpose to honour the soldiers and their loved-ones. An event that will have a local and global effect by increasing the respect for those who serve(d), creating a mind-set to realise that freedom does not come for free.

The Hague is a city with an intense and deep international orientation. As the international City of Peace and Justice, The Hague has an open culture with a wide variety of international elements.

Invictus Games Foundation
The Invictus Games Foundation was established following the success of the Invictus Games 2014. HRH The Duke of Sussex and the organising committee of the London Games always hoped that they would be the beginning of the ‘Invictus’ story and that other cities and countries around the world would take up the challenge.

The inaugural Invictus Games created a blueprint for inspiring many more ‘wounded warriors’ on their journey of recovery. For every competitor that took part in 2014 there are many more who would benefit from having the same opportunity.

Ministry of Defence
The Dutch Ministry of Defence protects all that we as a nation cherish. They fight for a world of freedom and security, because they believe that everyone has the right to live in such a world. This is their mission, and it’s also the reason they participate in missions.

The Dutch Ministry of Defence is responsible for the protection of Netherlands and the overseas territories and for human, financial and material resources available for this purpose. The Ministry is headed by the Minister of Defence, Ank Bijleveld-Schouten. The ministry hold almost 60,000 soldier and civilian jobs. Making it one of the largest employers of Netherlands. The armed forces consists of the Royal Navy, the Royal Netherlands Army, the Royal Air Force and the Royal military police.

The Department of Defence is ‘proud’ to be welcoming the Invictus Games in The Netherlands. Minister Ank Bijleveld-Schouten:,, It’s a tribute to all those soldiers that work for a better world. These participants have found the strength to, after they (visible or invisible) were injured, reinvent itself. They show what it means to be Invictus: invincible. We have seen in London, Orlando, Toronto and Sydney how inspiring the Games are. I’m sure The Hague will embrace the ‘ Invictus Games Spirit’ and will be an incredible experience for everyone.

The City of The Hague
Mayor Pauline Krikke takes ‘great pride’ that the Invictus Games will come to The Hague in 2020. The Mayor (2018) responded with excitement to the announcement the sporting event for soldiers and veterans, which psychologically or physically injured in the military would come to The Hague. ,, I’m sure they will feel at home in the international City of Peace and Justice. In any case, The Hague we will welcome them with open arms. I would like to thank the Duke of Sussex and his organization for the trust in The Hague. ”

Mayor Van Zanen (2020) responds to the relocation of the event to 2022: “We fully understand the decision of the board of the Invictus Games The Hague to cancel this major, international sporting event this year. The safety of competitors, their loved ones, volunteers, and spectators is paramount. Of course, we also understand that competitors may be disappointed because they have trained so hard and have been looking forward to the Invictus Games. Initiatives by the organising committee to relocate the event will be welcomed.”

The vfonds want to win and increase the respect and appreciation of the society for veterans who are in the employ of the Dutch Government, anywhere in the world, and have been involved in international peace operations by information campaigns, education programs and publicity campaigns. To keep the memory of the second world war alive, the vfonds supports war- and resistance museums and remembrance centres. In addition to commemorating the liberation, freedom and peace above all, must be celebrated and safeguarded. That is visible through the support of the vfonds to a number of commemorative projects on May 4, and the liberation festivals throughout the country on May 5.

The National Fund for peace, freedom and Veterans care (vfonds) focuses on three social areas:

1) recognition for and appreciation of veterans and other public service employees;
2) keeping alive of the memory of war and peacekeeping missions, remembering, commemoration and remembrance of victims of conflict and celebrating the freedom;
3) the maintenance of peace, democracy, the rule of law and promoting the international legal order.